About Faust 3

Ben Watts in makeup, Faust 3: The Turd Coming

Faust 3: The Turd Coming, or The Fart of the Deal, a political satire of the Trump fiasco, portrays the ill-advised bargain between the sewer rats and their chosen king, a deceptive clown figure.  Although the clown is offensive, vulgar, and evil, the people agree to sign away their future on the gamble that the clown will improve their lives, but they are shat upon instead.  In sermon-like tweets, the clown king communicates his predatory intentions, based on perversions of the Beatitudes and other parts of the Gospels.  The sensitive ego of the clown king leads to nuclear war and worldwide devastation.

Faust 3 adapts and mangles Goethe's Faust (Parts 1 and 2) and the Gospels in the King James translation, as well as bits of Yeats, Shakespeare, Christmas carols, Stephen Foster, John Donne, Heiner Müller, Julia Ward Howe, Abel Meeropol, and others.

Running time: 60 minutes.